Cleaning Out my Closet

When you clean out your closet on a Saturday night by yourself, you have to disclose what you found.

I found this piece of writing in a manilla folder entitled, "FREEDOM"

It was a paper I wrote in high school, circa 1987.  It was a paper supporting Ronald Reagan.  In that folder was something I wrote on the back of a photocopy of an article about Reagan.  It had to be written prior 1990.  I should have started exploring writing back then.

"To look into an open space and see things that are special to you, and to see things that move you, you are so far ahead of everyone else.  You care.  What is better than that?  To be moved by life, to be moved by death, a gesture, a motion.  Life is special when you make the decision that you will make it special.  God!  Where do we go from here?  Lie down, sit up, shout, stay silenced, sing, laugh, cry.

I am intended to

It stops there but, unfortunately, I stayed silent.

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