FADE IN: the rewrite

I know you are as excited as I am to find out that my blog is back.

I am in the process of creating a my own website It would have been but that is taken. There is an artist by the same name.

The site will be about me and my pursuit of becoming a paid writer. I have some things planned that I want to do. It will, in large part be about writing, both screenwriting and novel writing, but it will also include some popular culture stuff as it relates to writing, movies, plays, and TV.

The blog is a big part of the website. I will have samples and finished products of my stories available to read from poems, flash fiction, screenplays, and my finished short stories. I will also include notes and excerpts of my first novel that I am attempting to write.

I will have interviews with most of my characters. This should be fun to do and read but it is also a writing tool many screenwriters use. I hope this will help in finding out more about my characters, so I can make them jump off the page more.

More information to come.