it starts with a motherboard because we all need a mother

then it talks with the other stuff that matters;
gets things moving if things are ready to start moving

it takes a structure. a unit;
walls on each side and a strong foundation, hopefully cement

cement doesn’t work, nor is it accessible to a nine year old

we decided on wood reinforced with a bunch of glue and double tape

you need comfortable seats and something to steer it with.

i went with a seat that’s pointed upright but I couldn’t find a passenger seat to match

gears should get it going

I came up with a way to wind the gears up which is connected with the motherboard

in looking at the food situation, i found that tang was what we should bring;
roll up’s should make it to where we’re going as well;
apples and fruit is what I should eat to keep us strong but it won’t last long;
bread could go up there, i hope.

i packed rather heavy to get where we’re going. i think i’m right since it won’t be warm;
i picked out my favorite hat - my friend thinks so as well

the date is set for the day after tomorrow since those won’t know i’m gone won’t know

I hope my rocket works